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Complaint Management Policy

Purpose of the Policy

According to current legislation, "every firm must deal fairly with complaints made to it".

Our Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy is to establish a fair and free procedure for our clients to ensure that complaints received by the head of the firm are handled fairly.

Our firm wishes to handle any dissatisfaction communicated by its clientele in order to satisfy its clients while respecting the legal framework to which our firm is subject.

The person in charge of the firm with the AMF ensures that brokers and other employees of the firm are aware of the Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy Statement and have a copy available.



To be valid, a complaint must be made IN WRITING by the complainant. A lawsuit initiated by the complainant falls into the category of writing.


For the purposes of the policy, a complaint is an expression of at least ONE of the following three elements:

  • a reproach against the registrant;
  • identification of potential or actual harm to a consumer
  • a request for corrective action.


A complaint does not include any informal attempt to have a particular problem corrected, as long as the problem is dealt with in the course of the registrant's regular business and without a complaint from the consumer. In the absence of the above, our firm will also ensure that any dissatisfaction or concerns that are addressed to us are resolved.


If the complaint meets the definition of a "claim" under the firm's professional liability insurance policy, then the following procedure will be followed:

  • The firm will forward the written complaint received from the complainant to the firm's professional liability claims manager and request confirmation from the insurer that it will contact the client to address the complaint;
  • The claims manager will forward the notice to the professional liability insurer and must also specify that if the insurer does not contact the firm within 10 business days to confirm that it will handle the complaint, then the firm will handle the complaint itself;

Complaint Manager

The person in charge of the firm acts as the respondent for our firm with the Autorité des marchés financiers (the Autorité) and sees to the training of the firm's personnel. The person in charge must transmit to the personnel all the information necessary for the respect of this policy while ensuring its application.

Contact information for the team responsible for complaints at Synex Insurance:


How do I file a complaint?

A complainant who is not satisfied with the answers or information obtained in the previous step and who wishes to file a complaint must do so in writing to the firm's address or by e-mail:

It is recommended that the (Official AMF Form) complaint form be used to ensure that the complaint is filled out properly.


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