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Insurance for individuals

Insurance for individuals

Because of its insurance knowledge, Invessa is a recognized leader that competes unabashedly with the largest brokerage firms, while continuing to provide service with a human touch. Whatever your needs, expectations or profile, Invessa will always be a reliable partner that will be able to support you in the world of personal insurance.

Our policyholders are our ultimate priority, and we provide unparalleled personalized automobile and residential insurance services. We analyze your needs instead of systematically selling predefined insurance products, which is the fundamental principle guiding our work on a daily basis. We work with insurers to create solutions for our customers, and not the other way around.

Why choose Invessa?

A relationship of trust

We provide personalized insurance solutions to suit you, not just the insurers. We work on your behalf, which is why we’re here.

Significant purchasing power

The combined strength of our 25 000 customers enables us to get the best deals in the market for you.

Claims support

We handle the work with the insurance company. Therefore, a claims adjuster who understands the terms of your contract represents you.

Automobile insurance

Automobile insurance
We work in your best interests

At Invessa, we understand the importance you place on the following:

  • Getting competitive pricing and coverage
  • Dealing with a credible insurer
  • Repairing your vehicle quickly and properly in the event of an accident
  • Making all of this as uncomplicated as possible

Residential insurance
Personalized programs

VYour home its contents is usually one of the most valuable assets in your estate. All of these belongings are an integral part of your life. In the event of a claim, your everyday life will inevitably be shaken. It is therefore essential to:

  • Adequately protect the value of your property to limit a claim’s impact on your life
  • Deal with a credible and reliable insurer
  • Get competitive pricing and coverage
Residential insurance


A team of enthusiastic people sharing the same human values

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